Softpress Support (20 January 2013) Clean Links

Want your links to look as clean as possible on your sites? Want to turn into

60 downloads, 4 comments.

links directory minimalist

Walter Davis (14 January 2013) CheckboxHelper

Add a PHP-based automatic “checked” attribute to your checkbox form elements. Enter the name of the variable that is either true or has a true-ish value, and the Action does the rest.

30 downloads, 0 comments.

html php form server code

Walter Davis (12 January 2013) BreakPoint

This Action will allow you to redirect to alternate pages or sites based on the maximum width of the browser’s screen. If you have designed a mobile site, and want to redirect to it in any narrow browser (not just an iPhone or iPad) then this Action will do that for you.

152 downloads, 1 comment.

html css mobile responsive

Walter Davis (10 January 2013) RemoveImageWrap

This Action removes the P tag that Freeway uses to position an image within a table cell. This is a last-ditch tool to solve issues of images in hand-drawn tables not completely filling the cell. It may cause more problems than it solves. Apply it to each image.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

html standards css

Walter Davis (4 January 2013) Feed2js

Feed2js makes it easy to re-publish RSS and Atom feeds to your pages. It requires PHP 5 on your server (preferably 5.3 or newer so you get the best possible XML support), but it does work with older versions of PHP 5.

74 downloads, 1 comment.

cms php server prototype tooltips rss feed

Walter Davis (2 January 2013) ESS-Use External Style Sheet

Use any external CSS style sheet in your Freeway page. This can be a page within the site that you converted to a stylesheet using the ESS-Convert to Style Sheet Action or a stylesheet created with another application.

138 downloads, 10 comments.


Walter Davis (2 January 2013) ESS-Convert to Style Sheet

Convert any page in your site into a CSS stylesheet. Add new styles either by creating styled text on that page, or by manually entering them through the Actions interface.

77 downloads, 0 comments.


Softpress Support (20 December 2012) Kuler

The Kuler Action is a quick and easy way to import a vast array of color palettes into Freeway from Adobe’s Kuler web site.

55 downloads, 3 comments.

Walter Davis (29 November 2012) CSS3-Hyphenate

Use real hyphenation in HTML text on your Freeway pages. This relies on browser support for this feature, and gracefully degrades to looking the way HTML text has always looked in browsers that do not support this feature.

32 downloads, 1 comment.

css typography

Tim Plumb (14 November 2012) Exhibeo Extras

Exhibeo Extras is a very simple page Action that adds extra functionality to Exhibeo galleries in your Freeway sites.

366 downloads, 2 comments.

Walter Davis (17 October 2012) Link to File with Target

A quick hack on the built-in (Softpress) Link to File Action. As the title says, this adds a Target attribute to the link, so you can send the file to a new window or an iframe.

63 downloads, 0 comments.

html softpress code

Softpress Support (6 September 2012) Sequence Click Button 60

An amended version of the Sequence Click Button Action that allows for up to 60 images.

41 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (6 September 2012) Sequence Click 60

An amended version of Sequence Click to allow up to 60 images.

36 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (4 September 2012) PHP Feedback Form Recipients List

This Action allows users to specify who gets the resulting email. Simply attach this Action to a Menu/List item that lists the department names and email addresses.

37 downloads, 2 comments.

Ian Webb (30 August 2012) External Javascript (enhanced)

This is the Softpress External Javascript action, but with a new option for ‘After Head’ added, and the list expanded to 10 items.

86 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript external

Walter Davis (24 August 2012) Protaculous

This Action allows you to attach the Prototype and/or JavaScript libraries to your Freeway page. It includes separate observers for the dom:loaded and window:load events, so you can attach code to your page unobtrusively.

141 downloads, 0 comments.

developer template javascript prototype scriptaculous

Tim Plumb (23 August 2012) Vimeo

Add Vimeo ( video content to your Freeway web pages.

370 downloads, 15 comments.

Walter Davis (22 August 2012) FreezeFormItem

Apply this Action to a form element to cause it to “freeze” to the size defined in your Freeway layout.

101 downloads, 0 comments.

html css forms

Ian Webb (7 August 2012) Facebook xmlns

Adds Facebook’s XML namespace to your page’s initial HTML tag.

74 downloads, 2 comments.

facebook xmlns

Softpress Support (31 July 2012) Hide Slaves

Will hide selected slaves on a Rollover or Click.

63 downloads, 2 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Hide Slaves (alternate)

This version of the Action will hide a visible Target that hasn’t yet been triggered.

49 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Sequence Timer 60

Almost exactly like a sequence timer which can trigger more targets than the standard sequence timer.

52 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Text Rollover 60

This action allows you to trigger 60 text rollover items.

61 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Random Sequence 60

Same as Random Sequence, just with 60 targets available.

53 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Rollover 60

As the name suggests this Action lets you select up to 60 targets to trigger.

81 downloads, 0 comments.