Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP-WebmasterID

If you want traffic, so you need Webmaster. This action allowed to read the Webmaster-ID and save this ID to a Cookie. You can define the lifetime of the cookie. So, if the User of this Webmaster come back to your site, the Webmaster-ID ist not lost.

24 downloads, 0 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite

Carsten Cohn (23 April 2012) RT-Editor (Yahoo-YUI)

This action create an INPUT TEXTAREA and expand it to a Rich Text-Editor. You can use it like a textarea. If you like it or if you have question for more YUI actions like these please mail me.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

php form softpress forms layout text mysql database includes javascript library gui editor

Walter Davis (13 April 2012) InlineBlock

This Action allows you to set the display attribute of the element you apply it to to inline-block. This is a useful way to create “liquid” layouts, where block elements can wrap like text within a flexible container element.

43 downloads, 4 comments.

developer template

Softpress Support (4 April 2012) Favicon

A quick way to add a Favicon to your site or page. Apply this to a folder or a page and select your ICO file.

403 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (2 April 2012) Comments

A simple Action that allows users to comment on your site. The Action uses Disqus to host the comments. You must sign-up to their service and add your site for the Action to work. Once you’ve done this, copy your Shortname – you’ll need to use it in the Action.

89 downloads, 7 comments.

max fancourt (16 March 2012) Firebug Light

The purpose of this action is for you “The designer” to view and tinker with the css style/html code within the preview pane…

29 downloads, 0 comments.

developer cms html css commercial softpress forms validation debug

Softpress Support (14 November 2011) Random Image

Randomly select an image & link from a selection of up to 25. Useful for Advertising banners.

147 downloads, 4 comments.

Paul Dunning (8 November 2011) Form Element CSS

No more boring forms! This Action lets you change the font and colour used in Text Fields and Text Area items. Apply the Action to the item, and make your choices. A live preview will show you what the form element will look like.

113 downloads, 2 comments.

html css form forms web forms

Paul Dunning (7 November 2011) Paul’s Buttons

An Action which will let you quickly add extra buttons to your Freeway website. There are a number of shapes and colour options available already, but you can also change colours and, in some instances, the roundness of corners and the thickness of outlines.

48 downloads, 0 comments.

buttons graphics svg

Walter Davis (3 October 2011) PlaceKitty

So CUUUUUTE! Kittens of any size, grayscale or color. Just draw an HTML item on the page and apply this Action to it for an Instant kitty!

11 downloads, 0 comments.

layout design cute kittens

Paul Dunning (7 September 2011) Joomla Main Content

This Action lets you design the appearance of the main content pane of the site.

18 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template commercial prototype forms content management editing html pages client adjustable areas joomla content management system

max fancourt (8 August 2011) Advance Inline Style Mover

The general description of what this actions does is…

59 downloads, 3 comments.

developer cms template javascript css commercial softpress server prototype content management open-source background image inline

Paul Dunning (2 June 2011) Hype Support

This Action organises Hype’s output and helps store it in a specified folder in your Freeway generated site.

74 downloads, 4 comments.

animation html 5 hype css3

David McCallum (29 May 2011) Reset Sequence Timer

This is a modified version of Play/Pause Sequence Timer.

19 downloads, 0 comments.

automate sequence timer reset

Walter Davis (23 May 2011) FreeCounter2

No longer supported

246 downloads, 4 comments.


Walter Davis (6 May 2011) FormFix

This Action patches up a number of things that Freeway gets “wrong” with forms. Applied to a page, it loops through the entire page, finds any form elements, and does the following:

74 downloads, 0 comments.

developer html standards form server

Paul Dunning (25 February 2011) Relative Page Layout Guide

This is a Page Action, a Folder Action and an Item Action (for those of us who find Page Actions unruly). All do the same thing. Item Actions should be drawn on the page in the paste board as a non-layered item.

27 downloads, 0 comments.

developer layout page relative

Walter Davis (24 February 2011) Code Buddy

Code Buddy is a page action that simplifies working with external markup items in your Freeway pages. It allows you to easily add external markup to your pages while retaining the power and vestility of your code or text editor.

82 downloads, 1 comment.

template html server

Softpress Support (12 February 2011) COLOURlovers™

Add color palettes from COLOURlovers to your Freeway project’s color list.

60 downloads, 0 comments.

design color

Walter Davis (27 January 2011) FrameBuster

“Bust” your page out of an enclosing frameset. You discover that your site has been trapped in a frame by some unscrupulous person; someone passing your hard work off as your own, perhaps.

13 downloads, 1 comment.


Softpress Support (22 November 2010) iFrame

The iFrame Action allows you to create inline frames that display content from other pages or sites.

763 downloads, 12 comments.

link page

Paul Dunning (15 November 2010) Caxton

For too long now have web designers been held back by the dull and repetitive collection of fonts that have been deemed “web safe”. It’s made the internate a typographically dull, and given that most designers have collections of fonts, it seems criminal that they cannot be used for anything other than images.

178 downloads, 0 comments.

html fonts html text typeface typography

Softpress Support (22 October 2010) Add Code

Add code to your page and see a live preview in Freeway. This works in the same way as the Insert Markup Item feature in Freeway but attempts to render the code inserted in a live preview.

150 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (10 October 2010) PHP Make Insert Page

This helpful Action will delete everything from a page except for the main layout contents, and the contents of the “Before HTML” portion of the HTML Markup. This makes it easy to create include pages that do not have extraneous code in them. It will disable any stylesheets or rollovers and other JavaScript effects, however, as it deletes the entire contents of the HEAD portion of the published code.

49 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (20 September 2010) Target Show/Hide Layer 60

This Action allows up to 60 targets and is an extension of the bundled Action in Freeway.

120 downloads, 2 comments.