Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Rollover 60

As the name suggests this Action lets you select up to 60 targets to trigger.

81 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (26 July 2012) BrowserUpdate

Page and Folder Action to insert the Browser Update service JavaScript into your pages. Visitors with an older browser will be gently reminded to upgrade.

60 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript browser

Tim Plumb (25 July 2012) Clearfix

Clearfix are item, page and folder Actions that correct a common browser issue where divs (layer items) that contain floated content will collapse rather than display at the height of the largest child item.

56 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (22 May 2012) Google Static Map

This simple Action allows you to add static maps based on the Google Maps v2 API.

111 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (21 May 2012) Cookies info

This is a very simple inline Action that displays information about cookies and how they are used. The content comes from and is reproduced under the Open Govenment Licence.

138 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ScriptyAccordion

Create an accordion effect in just a few clicks! Apply this Action to an HTML box on your page, choose the format you need, and you’re done. All scripting is completely unobtrusive, and persons who have disabled JavaScript (or the Google-bot indexing your page) will still see all of your content.

402 downloads, 81 comments.

html standards css effects prototype scriptaculous accordion

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ReadFeed

ReadFeed allows you to republish RSS feeds as HTML linked lists. You have complete control over the output format, and can style the resulting list using CSS styles.

48 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript php rss

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) AjaxFileListing

Create a linked list of files from a directory on your server using this Action. Requires PHP on your server and JavaScript in the browser, but falls back gracefully if JavaScript is disabled.

76 downloads, 28 comments.

prototype forms content management

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Pinterest

Make it easy for your visitors to use the Pinterest service with your Freeway pages. This Action lets you insert a “Pin This” button on your page. When Pinterest members click it, they can add images from your page to their “pinterests”.

114 downloads, 2 comments.

javascript css prototype social media

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Zippopotamus Country

This Action creates a country code picker, and applies the Zippopotamus Action to the page in one step. Get instant Zip code to city and state conversion for any country supported by

13 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript server prototype

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Zippopotamus

Any form that uses a Zip code or Postal code field may find some use in this Action. Choose a country and name your form fields zip, city, and state, and when the visitor enters a Zip or postal code in the appropriate field, the other two fields (if present) will be auto-filled by the service.

21 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript form commercial prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ZipTastic

Add this Action to your form page to get automatic Zip code-based City, State, and Country field autocompletion.

19 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript form server prototype

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) CalendarView

Apply this Action to a text field to make an easy popup calendar for choosing dates. Based on and includes Prototype (so no MooTools on the same page).

195 downloads, 16 comments.

developer css form prototype variable open-source lgpl date-and-time

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ScriptyLightbox

A lightbox effect that works with Scriptaculous, and can easily handle nearly any type of content you can throw at it.

153 downloads, 10 comments.

prototype lightbox scriptaculous ajax flash quicktime

Walter Davis (7 May 2012) ImageReplacement

Apply ImageReplacement to any image on your Freeway layout, then choose a semantic heading tag to replace it (H1 - H6). The image will become the background image for the heading, and the text of the heading (made from the alt text of your image) will disappear on screen.

31 downloads, 5 comments.

html standards css layout seo accessibility

Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP -PageProtect

This action works in 2 Level:

167 downloads, 4 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite

Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP-WebmasterID

If you want traffic, so you need Webmaster. This action allowed to read the Webmaster-ID and save this ID to a Cookie. You can define the lifetime of the cookie. So, if the User of this Webmaster come back to your site, the Webmaster-ID ist not lost.

24 downloads, 0 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite

Carsten Cohn (23 April 2012) RT-Editor (Yahoo-YUI)

This action create an INPUT TEXTAREA and expand it to a Rich Text-Editor. You can use it like a textarea. If you like it or if you have question for more YUI actions like these please mail me.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

php form softpress forms layout text mysql database includes javascript library gui editor

Walter Davis (13 April 2012) InlineBlock

This Action allows you to set the display attribute of the element you apply it to to inline-block. This is a useful way to create “liquid” layouts, where block elements can wrap like text within a flexible container element.

43 downloads, 4 comments.

developer template

Softpress Support (4 April 2012) Favicon

A quick way to add a Favicon to your site or page. Apply this to a folder or a page and select your ICO file.

398 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (2 April 2012) Comments

A simple Action that allows users to comment on your site. The Action uses Disqus to host the comments. You must sign-up to their service and add your site for the Action to work. Once you’ve done this, copy your Shortname – you’ll need to use it in the Action.

88 downloads, 7 comments.

max fancourt (16 March 2012) Firebug Light

The purpose of this action is for you “The designer” to view and tinker with the css style/html code within the preview pane…

29 downloads, 0 comments.

developer cms html css commercial softpress forms validation debug

Tim Plumb (1 February 2012) audio.js

This Action uses the audio.js library to place MP3 audio players on your site. It uses the HTML5 audio tag if available or falls back to using Flash if not.

315 downloads, 14 comments.

Softpress Support (14 November 2011) Random Image

Randomly select an image & link from a selection of up to 25. Useful for Advertising banners.

145 downloads, 4 comments.

Paul Dunning (8 November 2011) Form Element CSS

No more boring forms! This Action lets you change the font and colour used in Text Fields and Text Area items. Apply the Action to the item, and make your choices. A live preview will show you what the form element will look like.

112 downloads, 2 comments.

html css form forms web forms