Walter Davis (21 November 2013) CheckboxGhost

When you submit a form without checking a checkbox, does anyone hear it? No, they don’t. This Action adds a hidden field directly before the checkbox to force the field to be submitted to the server, whether it is checked or not.

27 downloads, 0 comments.

html form server

Walter Davis (17 November 2013) VideoJS

Cross-platform HTML5 video with the open-source VideoJS player. Falls back to Flash for the geriatric browsers in your life. Plays with a consistent user interface on any browser or platform.

172 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript video html 5

Mike Brackenridge (16 November 2013) Form Element Styler

Apply this action to each form element and set the style options. Handy for field/text area element widths, heights, margin, padding and setting coloured borders or fills for text fields and text areas

213 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript html standards css form forms free style elements

Softpress Support (11 November 2013) Smart Quotes

This Action is experimental

14 downloads, 0 comments.

dtp typography quotes

Softpress Support (7 November 2013) Flexible Image

Action Usage:

306 downloads, 7 comments.

Walter Davis (22 October 2013) NoConflict

Add the jQuery noConflict() function to a page that contains both Prototype and jQuery.

77 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript prototype scriptaculous jquery

Walter Davis (2 October 2013) Flickrshow

This Action allows you to create an interactive, automatic slideshow from a Flickr end-point. You may use a User ID, a Group number, a Set number, a Gallery ID, or the ID of a person who is shown in a photo. The Flickrshow JavaScript application is written and maintained by Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay. This Action is a thin wrapper around that application, and I encourage you to explore its many other options.

82 downloads, 1 comment.


Softpress Support (27 September 2013) Multiple Form

Freeway automatically generates a form tag that encloses all content on your page when you draw a form item on your page. This means that you can only have one form per page by default (because nested form items are not possible in HTML).

207 downloads, 2 comments.

Walter Davis (16 September 2013) ScriptyFader

Create fading slideshows out of graphics or HTML elements. These elements are loaded when needed, so the page size remains as small as possible. Uses Prototype and Scriptaculous for compatibility with Freeway Pro’s built-in effects.

377 downloads, 17 comments.

javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Softpress Support (29 August 2013) Validate Extras

Apply this Action to the page to set a custom message for invalid form items.

75 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (29 August 2013) Validate

Apply this Action to the form item you want to be validated on submit.

234 downloads, 10 comments.

max fancourt (6 July 2013) WebYep Action

The WebYep Freeway Action Suite has been constructed for designers that want to concentrate on design and don’t want to adopt PHP or deep HTML skills to simply make some pages editable.

566 downloads, 27 comments.

cms commercial forms content management editing html pages client adjustable areas

Walter Davis (29 June 2013) ScriptyInfiniteSlider

Create an image slideshow that animates continuously. Use this element as a page background, or an in-page element, and use it in a responsive or flexible layout, too! The effect will degrade slightly on IE 8 and below, because the images will not resize to the size of the container.

298 downloads, 9 comments.

javascript css effects prototype animation scriptaculous

Walter Davis (28 June 2013) ScriptyLazyLoad

Reduce the page loading time for your graphics-heavy pages. This Action causes all images on your page that are not currently visible on screen (below the fold) to be replaced with the _clear.gif placeholder, so they load instantaneously. Whenever you scroll or resize the browser window, these images are checked again to see if any part of them is visible now, and loaded if necessary.

100 downloads, 0 comments.

javascript css effects server prototype

Tim Plumb (22 May 2013) Externalize

Externalize is a page Action that attempts to do one thing - to make your HTML code as clean and clutter-free as it can. To achieve this it trawls through your Freeway pages looking for both CSS styles and JavaScript to extract from the page and link back in an external file.

145 downloads, 7 comments.

Paul Dunning (2 May 2013) Spawn New Window

This Action opens a new window when someone clicks on the item to which it has been applied. This achieves the following:

333 downloads, 9 comments.

windows effects new window open link click

Softpress Support (26 April 2013) Table Styler

Use this Action to modernize your tables in Freeway. You can apply different background colors to alternating rows and borders, and set their opacity levels.

148 downloads, 10 comments.

css3 tables styling

Walter Davis (23 April 2013) SVGimage

This Action allows you to use Retina-ready SVG graphics in your Freeway page, while providing a JPEG fallback for elderly browsers.

121 downloads, 22 comments.

html 5 svg

Tim Plumb (19 April 2013) B.A.M - Big Area Menus

A simple Action to extend the standard CSS Menus Action to allow you to insert B.A.M. sub menus.

360 downloads, 20 comments.

Tim Plumb (19 April 2013) Text Selection Color

Use CSS to change the color of the text selection. The Action allows you to specify the selection as well as text color.

43 downloads, 0 comments.

Ian Webb (19 April 2013) Dreamweaver Template Page Title

Places the page title into a Dreamweaver Template editable region

28 downloads, 0 comments.

template Dreamweaver

Mike Brackenridge (13 April 2013) PHP error_reporting

This is an action to set php error_reporting options on your Freeway php pages.

22 downloads, 0 comments.


Tim Plumb (10 April 2013) Showcase Extras

This first version of the Showcase Extras Action allows you to easily extent the standard Showcase Action that ships with Freeway 5.5 to allow you to add image gallery watermarks as well as change the visual style of the controls.

295 downloads, 6 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Image Guardian

The Image Guardian Action applies certain rules to the selected image item to make it harder for the web page viewer to download a copy of the image.

52 downloads, 2 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Mals E-Commerce Suite

The Mals E-Commerse Suite of Actions for Freeway is a collection of easy to use yet powerful tools to allow you to set up shop with Freeway quickly and easily.

129 downloads, 3 comments.