Tim Plumb (10 April 2013) Showcase Extras

This first version of the Showcase Extras Action allows you to easily extent the standard Showcase Action that ships with Freeway 5.5 to allow you to add image gallery watermarks as well as change the visual style of the controls.

301 downloads, 6 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Image Guardian

The Image Guardian Action applies certain rules to the selected image item to make it harder for the web page viewer to download a copy of the image.

53 downloads, 2 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Mals E-Commerce Suite

The Mals E-Commerse Suite of Actions for Freeway is a collection of easy to use yet powerful tools to allow you to set up shop with Freeway quickly and easily.

131 downloads, 3 comments.

Walter Davis (4 April 2013) Sticker

This Action allows you to “stick” an element on the screen in an unusual way. If the element is “above the fold”, such that it appears within the browser when the page loads, it stays put there until you scroll the browser window far enough for it to move out of the browser window. Once it reaches that point, it is “stuck” in place 10px below the top of the window, and never appears to move beyond that point.

338 downloads, 8 comments.

javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (23 March 2013) GoDaddyHelper

If you are stuck using GoDaddy for hosting, and you are also using the CSS Menus Action, you may have a problem with the Action-provided CSS looking too much like an Apache Include statement. This causes all sorts of havoc on GoDaddy’s not-so-standard servers. This Action, applied to the page, will rewrite any inline CSS to avoid this issue.

34 downloads, 0 comments.

html standards css server

Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) State/Prov List

Creates a popup with a list of US and Canadian States and Provinces on it - for use in Forms, also allows you to select default location that is shown in browser.

48 downloads, 5 comments.


Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) Country List

Creates a popup with a list of countries on it - for use in Forms.

82 downloads, 3 comments.

form forms

Softpress Support (21 March 2013) Password Protected URL

This action allows you to have a page or folder on your web site that can only be accessed by entering a password.

713 downloads, 8 comments.

max fancourt (21 March 2013) External Reset Stylesheet

Reference a reset external style sheet within freeway

35 downloads, 4 comments.

css php form softpress layout style mysql database includes

Mike Brackenridge (18 March 2013) PHP easiForm

This is one of 3 actions needed to create forms in Freeway Pro using easiForm, all of the other actions are installed with this action.

123 downloads, 3 comments.

html css php form commercial forms easiform web forms confirm clearfix w6 fw7

max fancourt (18 March 2013) CSS3 RGBa Backgrounds

This actions allows you to specify an RGB colour and an Opacity declaration to any table, table cell or div item.

56 downloads, 1 comment.

developer cms template javascript commercial server prototype content management

max fancourt (18 March 2013) CSS3 Gradients

This Action allows you to use the new CSS3 gradient properties, without having to hand code it on any layered table or normal layer.

233 downloads, 7 comments.

developer cms template javascript commercial server prototype content management

Walter Davis (17 March 2013) CSS3 Shadow Extra

This action is an update to Walter’s CSS3 Shadow action that enables you to add a drop shadow or inset shadow to any html element on a page. It also adds the spread function which controls the width of the spread of the blur. This is the easy way to add a shadow to html elements without using any images.

155 downloads, 1 comment.


Ian Webb (8 March 2013) Base HREF

Inserts a Base href tag to allow templated pages to be transferred to from 404 pages.

24 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template content management base

Walter Davis (5 March 2013) CSS3 Shadow

Add a drop shadow to any HTML element on the page without any images or extra work. Select a color for your shadow, a degree of blur, and the X and Y offsets, and everything else is done for you. This works in Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE 9 or better.

163 downloads, 1 comment.

developer css lifted

Softpress Support (26 February 2013) Scroll Layer

This Action determines where on your page the content will be scrolled. Apply it to a layer item and set the size you want it to be using the Inspector palette.

155 downloads, 8 comments.

Softpress Support (26 February 2013) Scroll Content

This is the heart of the Action, apply this Action to the item that contains the text/content you want to be scrolled.

141 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (26 February 2013) Scroll Button

Used to operate the Scrolling Layer. Apply the Scroll Button to a graphic item on the page. The direction of the scroll can be determined in the Action palette.

142 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (15 February 2013) ScriptyLightbox2

This is a complete re-write of the ScriptyLightbox Action. It does less than the original, but hopefully will be more useful for that limited set of functions.

191 downloads, 25 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype lightbox scriptaculous ajax

Walter Davis (13 February 2013) RadioFlyer

Set a radio button to be checked automatically using PHP. You must have a global variable identical to the radio group name set in your page for this code to do anything.

15 downloads, 0 comments.

template html php form server

Walter Davis (6 February 2013) CSS3 Corners

Apply this action to any HTML box (DIV or TD) and enter a positive number in the Corner Radius field to get perfect transparent rounded corners on that box. No additional images are needed, and borders curve around to fit as well.

258 downloads, 3 comments.


Walter Davis (31 January 2013) TableKit

Sort a data table by clicking on the headers. Automatically creates the styles and re-orders the Freeway-generated HTML to make it behave properly like a data table.

74 downloads, 1 comment.

html standards css server prototype

Walter Davis (30 January 2013) Carousel

This Action allows you to create the effect popularized on the Coda Web site. Clicking on a control causes a portion of the page to “slide” either horizontally or vertically to reveal a new part of the layout.

520 downloads, 35 comments.

developer javascript effects coda animation

Walter Davis (24 January 2013) RemoveDimensions

This Action may be applied to any element in a Freeway layout to remove the height and/or width dimensions from it. This allows you to duplicate the “Height Can Shrink” behavior in a layer-based layout.

48 downloads, 11 comments.

cms template html css server content management

Walter Davis (22 January 2013) CalendarView2

This is a new version of CalendarView, updated under the hood to streamline your page and make it load faster.

206 downloads, 2 comments.

developer form server prototype variable open-source lgpl date-and-time