Walter Davis (24 August 2012) Protaculous

This Action allows you to attach the Prototype and/or JavaScript libraries to your Freeway page. It includes separate observers for the dom:loaded and window:load events, so you can attach code to your page unobtrusively.

140 downloads, 0 comments.

developer template javascript prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (25 November 2013) Protaculous 2

This is a complete re-write of the Protaculous Action. Unlike the original, it does not bundle the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries within itself, instead it always links to external scripts hosted on the Google CDN (Content Delivery Network). This Action also does not include the Carousel Actions; check out the Carousel 2 Action for those.

336 downloads, 6 comments.

developer template javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (6 December 2013) PrototypeUpdate

This Action patches the version (and source) of Prototype.js and Scriptaculous to the very latest branch, making it more compatible with IE 9 and 10.

56 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript effects prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (13 February 2013) RadioFlyer

Set a radio button to be checked automatically using PHP. You must have a global variable identical to the radio group name set in your page for this code to do anything.

15 downloads, 0 comments.

template html php form server

Walter Davis (31 March 2009) Random Background

Add a random background to your page, or any layer on your page.

71 downloads, 1 comment.

css design

Softpress Support (14 November 2011) Random Image

Randomly select an image & link from a selection of up to 25. Useful for Advertising banners.

145 downloads, 4 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Random Sequence 60

Same as Random Sequence, just with 60 targets available.

53 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ReadFeed

ReadFeed allows you to republish RSS feeds as HTML linked lists. You have complete control over the output format, and can style the resulting list using CSS styles.

48 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript php rss

Walter Davis (28 May 2014) ReadMore

This Action creates a little ‘more…’ link in an overflowed HTML box, and shifts the overflow content into a lightbox-style overlay.

403 downloads, 8 comments.

javascript css effects prototype

Tim Plumb (9 March 2009) Redirect Between Dates

The Redirect Between Dates action allows you to specify up to ten event dates and have the user redirected to specific locations depending on when they visit.

19 downloads, 0 comments.

Paul Dunning (25 February 2011) Relative Page Layout Guide

This is a Page Action, a Folder Action and an Item Action (for those of us who find Page Actions unruly). All do the same thing. Item Actions should be drawn on the page in the paste board as a non-layered item.

27 downloads, 0 comments.

developer layout page relative

Walter Davis (24 January 2013) RemoveDimensions

This Action may be applied to any element in a Freeway layout to remove the height and/or width dimensions from it. This allows you to duplicate the “Height Can Shrink” behavior in a layer-based layout.

48 downloads, 11 comments.

cms template html css server content management

Walter Davis (10 January 2013) RemoveImageWrap

This Action removes the P tag that Freeway uses to position an image within a table cell. This is a last-ditch tool to solve issues of images in hand-drawn tables not completely filling the cell. It may cause more problems than it solves. Apply it to each image.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

html standards css

David McCallum (29 May 2011) Reset Sequence Timer

This is a modified version of Play/Pause Sequence Timer.

19 downloads, 0 comments.

automate sequence timer reset

Walter Davis (27 June 2014) Responsive CSS Menu

Make a CSS menu for your Backdraft site that responds to the breakpoints you’ve set for your layout. When you scale down below the smallest “large screen”, you get a screen-space-preserving “hamburger” menu button.

675 downloads, 18 comments.

design responsive

Tim Plumb (9 May 2014) Responsive CSS Menu - Show Current Page

This is a bit of a patch for the Responsive CSS Menu Action until it can be updated. This Action, when applied to the same element as the Responsive CSS Menu Action, will apply a class of active to any links that point to the current page. This allows you to manually create a class style (.active) with the style of the current menu item.

310 downloads, 30 comments.

Tim Plumb (19 June 2017) Responsive Video

The Responsive Video Action is the easiest way to add hosted video content to your responsive Freeway pages.

1622 downloads, 40 comments.

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Rollover 60

As the name suggests this Action lets you select up to 60 targets to trigger.

81 downloads, 0 comments.

Paul Dunning (14 October 2009) Rollover J

The Joomla Actions rewrite the Resources published by Freeway to allow for the difference in published resources. Many Actions, however, will not produce output that the Actions can interpret, and their resources will not be found when the site is viewed in Joomla.

14 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template commercial prototype forms content management editing html pages client adjustable areas joomla content management system

Walter Davis (29 April 2020) RootResources

This Action attempts to construct a site-root-relative link to each graphic or other Freeway-attached resource on the page.

7 downloads, 0 comments.

Carsten Cohn (23 April 2012) RT-Editor (Yahoo-YUI)

This action create an INPUT TEXTAREA and expand it to a Rich Text-Editor. You can use it like a textarea. If you like it or if you have question for more YUI actions like these please mail me.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

php form softpress forms layout text mysql database includes javascript library gui editor

max fancourt (14 June 2017) Script-Action-Set

This action set contains everything I could think of to allow you to construct intergrate and adjust an: xml, css, html, php, javacript, asp, txt… in fact just about any script type within Feeway that Freeway cant handle directly.

229 downloads, 7 comments.

javascript css php softpress image free gallery targets slave reflection xml javascript library

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ScriptyAccordion

Create an accordion effect in just a few clicks! Apply this Action to an HTML box on your page, choose the format you need, and you’re done. All scripting is completely unobtrusive, and persons who have disabled JavaScript (or the Google-bot indexing your page) will still see all of your content.

402 downloads, 81 comments.

html standards css effects prototype scriptaculous accordion

Walter Davis (16 September 2013) ScriptyFader

Create fading slideshows out of graphics or HTML elements. These elements are loaded when needed, so the page size remains as small as possible. Uses Prototype and Scriptaculous for compatibility with Freeway Pro’s built-in effects.

382 downloads, 17 comments.

javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (29 June 2013) ScriptyInfiniteSlider

Create an image slideshow that animates continuously. Use this element as a page background, or an in-page element, and use it in a responsive or flexible layout, too! The effect will degrade slightly on IE 8 and below, because the images will not resize to the size of the container.

304 downloads, 9 comments.

javascript css effects prototype animation scriptaculous