Walter Davis (4 December 2013) SmoothScroll

This Action gives all anchor links on your page an animated smooth scroll behavior, rather than “snapping” into view.

942 downloads, 30 comments.

javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Paul Dunning (2 May 2013) Spawn New Window

This Action opens a new window when someone clicks on the item to which it has been applied. This achieves the following:

341 downloads, 9 comments.

windows effects new window open link click

Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) State/Prov List

Creates a popup with a list of US and Canadian States and Provinces on it - for use in Forms, also allows you to select default location that is shown in browser.

48 downloads, 5 comments.


Walter Davis (4 April 2013) Sticker

This Action allows you to “stick” an element on the screen in an unusual way. If the element is “above the fold”, such that it appears within the browser when the page loads, it stays put there until you scroll the browser window far enough for it to move out of the browser window. Once it reaches that point, it is “stuck” in place 10px below the top of the window, and never appears to move beyond that point.

341 downloads, 8 comments.

javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Ian Webb (23 March 2020) Strip Head & Body tags

Meant to be used in conjunction with Softpress' Create e-mail action.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (23 April 2013) SVGimage

This Action allows you to use Retina-ready SVG graphics in your Freeway page, while providing a JPEG fallback for elderly browsers.

126 downloads, 21 comments.

html 5 svg

Softpress Support (8 October 2009) Table Bars

This Action allows you to specify a color for a table’s first row, and alternating colors for subsequent rows. This means you can easily create “candy striped” effects on tables without having to manually select each row in the table and assigning a color.

32 downloads, 0 comments.

tables styling

Softpress Support (26 April 2013) Table Styler

Use this Action to modernize your tables in Freeway. You can apply different background colors to alternating rows and borders, and set their opacity levels.

149 downloads, 8 comments.

css3 tables styling

Walter Davis (31 January 2013) TableKit

Sort a data table by clicking on the headers. Automatically creates the styles and re-orders the Freeway-generated HTML to make it behave properly like a data table.

74 downloads, 1 comment.

html standards css server prototype

Walter Davis (12 August 2008) TagWrap

Add a line of code before and after the selected HTML item. Optionally remove the ID from the selected HTML item; useful if your outer code wrapper uses the selected item as a template inside of a loop.

27 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template html form server

Softpress Support (3 November 2008) Target Image 60

As the name suggests this Action allows you to have up to 60 targets in one stack. It should be used instead of the bundled Target Image Action if you need to use more than 20 images.

38 downloads, 2 comments.

Softpress Support (3 November 2008) Target Load Frame 60

This Action is an extension to the Target Load Frame Action that now allows 60 targets to be loaded up into a frame instead of the default 20.

16 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (3 November 2008) Target Show/Hide Image 60

An extension of the bundled Action, this allows you to specify up to 60 targets for each group.

41 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (20 September 2010) Target Show/Hide Layer 60

This Action allows up to 60 targets and is an extension of the bundled Action in Freeway.

120 downloads, 2 comments.

Walter Davis (22 November 2013) TemplateHelper

This Action cuts an element out of the Freeway page. There are two practical applications for this:

38 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template server content management

Paul Dunning (17 September 2010) Text Flow

The Text Flow Action lets you flow text around an irregular shape. This can help add impact and style to a page, and you can start to plan ways of banishing rectangular blocks of text altogether!

54 downloads, 1 comment.

css text flow design dtp runaround

Paul Dunning (1 May 2014) Text on a Curve - BETA

Text on a curve? On a website? Is that possible? Well, yes it is. Normally, however, such exploits are undertaken with either a bitmap image, or a foray into some SVG editing application.

110 downloads, 0 comments.

text html text cute svg beta

Softpress Support (30 July 2012) Text Rollover 60

This action allows you to trigger 60 text rollover items.

62 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (10 January 2014) Ticker Tape

This standalone Action places an input field on the page that will scroll pre-defined messages inside it like ticker tape.

242 downloads, 7 comments.

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) Upload Extra Resources

Use this Action to upload extra files/resources to your server.

144 downloads, 1 comment.

Softpress Support (29 August 2013) Validate

Apply this Action to the form item you want to be validated on submit.

245 downloads, 10 comments.

Softpress Support (29 August 2013) Validate Extras

Apply this Action to the page to set a custom message for invalid form items.

79 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (29 July 2009) Vertical Align Action

This Action allows you to center the content on your pages vertically as well as horizontally.

108 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (11 October 2014) VideoBackground

Use an HTML5 Video tag as the background to your page. This will work in modern browsers, and falls back to a static image in older or non-standard browsers.

791 downloads, 5 comments.

animation video html 5

Walter Davis (17 November 2013) VideoJS

Cross-platform HTML5 video with the open-source VideoJS player. Falls back to Flash for the geriatric browsers in your life. Plays with a consistent user interface on any browser or platform.

176 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript video html 5